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Why should you add Sugar Depilation to your Salon treatment menu?

Why should you add Sugar Depilation to your Salon treatment menu?

Why should you add Sugar Depilation to your Salon treatment menu? I have been asked this question so many times!

My answer: If your Salon is full of customers all year round & they are all happy with waxing, my answer would have to be no. However, if you are tired of competing with other local Salons & struggling to find your unique selling point to differentiate your business, then Sugar Depilation might be right for you.

Sugar Depilation is a very skin friendly way to remove hairs all over the body and it enables you to offer other follow-on skin treatments.

Why is it so unique and skin friendly?

  • PANDHY’S™ Sugar Paste only sticks to the hair & as a result, it can be applied on the skin repeatedly. It removes the hair completely and leaves no broken hairs in the follicle or red and irritated skin. It also gently removes dead cells resulting in long lasting silky smooth skin.
  • PANDHY’S™ Sugar Paste is massaged by hand onto the skin against the direction of hair growth. The paste is applied at body temperature so there is no danger of burning.
  • PANDHY’S™ Sugar Paste removes hair in the same direction as it grows allowing even a 1-2 mm long hair to be removed.
  • PANDHY’S™ Sugar Paste surrounds the hair and flows into the follicle ensuring that the hair will not break during depilation.
  • PANDHY’S™ Sugar Paste is perfectly hygienic; the sugar itself is a natural preservative and does not allow any bacterial growth. There is no expiration date so it can last indefinitely.
  • PANDHY’S™ Depilatory Sugar Paste can be easily removed from skin, textiles, materials and any surface with warm water, so cleaning after the treatment is simple and does not require chemicals.

Would you be interested to gain a unique selling point and gain more loyal customers? If so, please contact us to find out more about our next Sugar Depilation training course in your area by e-mailing esti.hutchins@pandhys.co.uk or calling 07774406963